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Sharing Their Story

What began as one man’s journey has become the mission of a million. As Earth’s Elders now hopes to create one million connections between the youngest and eldest among us.

To achieve this goal, Earth’s Elders is pioneering innovative approaches to creating stronger communities by connecting its oldest and youngest members. Our model taps into both individuals and organizations that have a vested interest in the benefits that come from these connections. Our plan to create one million connections will be achieved by: 1) Creating awareness around the benefits of bringing generations together, 2) Engaging schools with our low cost downloadable curriculum, 3) Partnering with organizations that serve our elders and/or youth, 4) Facilitating connections between youth and elder organizations at the community level, and 5) Creating an online social network where individuals and organizations can connect.

Creating one million connections among the young and old doesn’t happen in a day…but someday it easily could. We need your help to create the infrastructure to make these connections possible.

Through our work, it can cost as little as one dime to create an indelible connection between an eight year-old and an eighty year old. A connection bound to benefit both for the rest of their lives, regardless of how much life lies in front of them.

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