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If you are an student

“I think that the photographs of these people were beautiful. I think that it is very important to show love and respect to elderly people because they deserve it the most. They lived through history and have many stories to tell that contribute to it.”
-- Christina T., NYC high school student

Following are links that will help provide students and youths with a greater understanding of our elders, including how to make strong connections with them and hear stories from their experiences and pasts.

Library of Congress – Grandparent/Elder Project
Students can learn how to interview as a primary source in the study of history; get introduced to the skills of interviewing, accessing, interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating the primary sources of oral history; learn the ways to pose questions in interviewing; and learn the process of conducting an interview with an elder.

StoryCorps promotes listening as a form of teaching, learning and healing. In this section, you can share your own story, stay in contact with family, or even host a listening party. Learn how with the “Listening party How-To Kit.”

National Institute on Aging
The National Institute on Aging provides information’s about age research and health information on elders. This resource will help you understand the different concepts about aging and its research and how our nation is measuring the aging process.

Administration on Aging
The Administration of Aging is another source of information to help you learn about different age related organizations and services. This will aid you in learning how elders live their lives, what the public is doing to help them and also offers a variety of multimedia and press sources.

Connecticut Commission on Aging
This section of the Connecticut Commission on Aging web site includes a collection of studies and reports about long-term care for elders. Some of the studies touch upon topics such as financial planning for long-term care, identifying mental health needs, people using disability programs and more.

ElderWeb is an informative resource that gives you information about different topics and problems elders deal with in everyday life. They include topics like caregiving college programs, abuse home care, non-medical nursing homes, security statistics and more

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